• Civil Law

    Civil Law

    Divorce, 489-A, Maintenance, Alimony, Child Custody, Judicial Separation, Domestic Violence , Service matters, Money refund and recovery matters, Mesne profits, all kinds of Writs, SLP and Appeals in higher courts. Labour disputes, Consumer cases, Builders and Buyer's disputes, Delayed Possession of Property damages, Specific performance of Contracts and Agreements, Arbitration matters, MACT, DRT cases etc.

  • Criminal Law

    Criminal Law

    Anticipatory Bail, Regular Bail, Forgery, Cheating, Theft, Extortion, Misappropriation of Funds, Breach of Trust, 498-A cases, Abatement, Criminal intimidation, Cruelty, Defamation, all cases related with the Builders and Buyers specially with EOW cell of Crime Branch for misappropriation of money by the investors, Appeal, Writ and SLP in Higher Courts.

  • Family Law

    Family Law

    Hindu, Muslim Personal Laws, Special marriage Act, Family disputes, Family Settlements, 498-A cases, Bail, Anticipatory Bail, Divorce, Child Custody´╗┐, Maintenance, Alimony, Domestic Violence.

  • Property Law

    Property Law

    Property sale Purchase disputes, Will probation, Succession certificate, Eviction, Tenancy, Declaration of Title, Partition, Injunction suits, mesne Profits, Builders and buyer's disputes, Possession or delayed possession damages, Property documents verification, coparcener's rights and Writ, SLP and Appeal in higher courts.

  • Recovery Law

    Recovery Law

    Debts Recovery Tribunal, Specific Performance of Contracts and Agreements. Sec.138 of NIA cases of Cheque Bounce, recovery of debts full and final settlements in service.

  • Consumer Law

    Consumer Law

    Consumer Protection where there is an deficiency, insufficiency & lackness in the services of a service provider. Damages on grounds of Physical and Mental stress, Pressure, Pain and Atrocities

  • Service Law

    Service Law

    Labour Court, CAT and Civil Court litigation and Arbitration.

  • Banking Law

    Banking Law

    Banking Regulations, Cheque Bounce cases under Sec 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act.

  • Motor Accident Claims

    Motor Accident Claims

    All accident claims, damages and reimbursements for sufferings and pain through Motor Accident Claim Tribunal

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